Wednesday, October 26, 2011

NaK JaDi WeLL-kNoWn bLoGGeR?

Who is the one who doesn't know Hanis Zalikha? If not, you're not being a true blogger. Haha! Just kidding! Most of my friends are following her blog. No wonder she is one of famous blogger in Malaysia. And the best part is she can earn a lot of money from her blog! Freaking jealous, man! I know she deserves it. Sebab dia dah start active blog dah lama kot. I ni baru terhegeh-hegeh nak active kan... Huhu! Ok, ok! Reenee, just stop dreaming. Because that's no way I can have a thousand followers like her.

Wanna be her? Yes you can.You can be famous- super duper fast:
  • If you're good in writing skills (Tidak booooring)
  • If your blog entries are interesting and contains useful knowledge
  • If your blog is unique (Contoh: Belog ini)
  • If you're an actor/ actress/ model/ designer/ personality TV/ wedding planner (orang-orang yang selalu masuk TV dan seangkatan dengannya)
  • If you do business online that people love to buy (Hot market sekarang: Jual tudung + Jual designer handbags dan barang-barang yang pempuan suka beli)
  • If you have a relationship with famous people (Contoh: Ex-tunang Khairul Fahmi-Apek)
  • If you're a successful and motivated person
  • If you're a reporter for Controversy/ Gossip-Artists (Ala-ala Melodi gitu)
  • If you came from a rich family (Contoh : Anak Tan Sri/ Anak Dato'/ Anak Sultan/ Anak Menteri dan seangkatan dengannya)
  • If you're a Hot Mom + Adorable baby :P 
and last but not least, you can be extra famous
plus.... SINGLE and AVAILABLE. Hahahaha!

Erm, satu kriteria pon I takde kat sini. Ngeh~

As I said, I'm just an ordinary blogger.
Just deal with it. Huhu!
Short message to Hanis Zalikha:

Dear Hanis Zalikha,
I want to tell you that your writing skills are superb fabulous! I just love reading your blog especially about your trip to Hong Kong. It's quite helpful indeed. However, it's kind of a little bit boring when I read about your sponsored posts (Sometimes, Huhu!). I'm pretty sure people out there want to know more about your personal life because believe it or not, you're a celebrity blogger. No hard feelings. It's just my opinion :)

Anyway, Happy Diwali to all Hindu devotees in Malaysia and enjoy your public holiday!


Anonymous said...

hanis zalikha la reenee..aku pun mmg bc blog die..-alongalip-

Sholihah said...

yeahh.. hanis zalikha.. kite pun bc blog dia.. dia study kat uitm segamat... uitm kte dulu.. hehehehe ^_^

ReeneeRaaid said...

huhu! silap daaa..