Friday, February 24, 2012

More Details About Lisa Surihani and Yusry's Wedding Part I

Hi bloggers!

As we know, the popular actress Lisa Surihani Mohamed and a member of group KRU, director and actor, Yusry Abdul Halim were officially married at 9 pm which held at Putrajaya Marriot Hotel yesterday. There were 250 guests attended to their beautiful Akad Nikah ceremony including close family members and media crew. Their next reception ceremony will be held on Feb 26 at Putrajaya International Convention Centre.

Photographer : Azmin Mohd
Pretty Peektures is their official photographer and
Motion Peektures is an official videographer for both ceremonies
on 23rd and 26th February

The makeup was done by Kay Azman

The groom and bride  presented each other with seven and nine trays of gifts respectively. 

The trays to Yusry were sirih junjung, bunga rampai, a ring, a CD collection of the Beatles, a set of Music Keyboard, a muslim prayer set, clothes, and a gramophone shaped cake

This cake was made by pearlcakesevent

The trays to Lisa were a platinum necklace as Mas Kahwin, Wang hantaran, a ring, sirih junjung, bunga rampai, a muslim prayer set and a cake. All decorations of trays were made by Butik Cosry and Eliza Elies Wedding 

Image by pretty peektures

What a beautiful couple! Yusry was in a white baju Melayu designed by Taufik Tailor and the samping was from Nuratikah Songket. In a mean time, Lisa looked radiant in a modern baju kurung designed by Cosry

DZMS Events team
More pictures in their page

This ceremony run very smoothly because they hired DMZS Events as an event planner while KS Entourage as a wedding decorator; he was bringing the lovely elements of winter wedding theme.

KS Entourage
The owner of KS Entourage; who wore a black jacket
Image : DZMS Event

Do you know that KS Entourage was a decorator for Nuffnang Asia Pasific Blog Awards last December?? Tak tahu?? Ni yang nak bagitau ni.. Hehehe!

I met him twice to discuss about Jiler's wedding. But unfortunately, Jiler didn't decide to hire him as wedding decorator for some other reason. (yang pasti bukan pasal budget. Huhuhu!). Seriously, KS ni memang friendly yang amat. I memang suka idea dia. Very interesting. Yang paling best, kitaorang banyak bergosip pasal industri / trend wedding kat Malaysia. Jadi, I dapat tahu banyak benda pasal wedding.. Hehe! If you're interested to have his contact number, you can PM me okay :)

Bergosip dengan KS

Last but not least, congratulation to this newly-married couple!
All right then.. catch you later!


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