Monday, September 26, 2016

Rindu Korang Semua!!!!

Assalamualaikum bloggers

Apa khabar semua?
Ya Allah.. Lamanya tak keep in touch dengan korang..

Dah nak dekat setahun rasanya tak update blog ni..
Banyak benda yang berlaku dalam tempoh ni.
Nanti kite citer okay..

Kite notice yang followers kite dah makin berkurangan.
Sob.. Sob.. Sadisssss..

Tapi tak pe..
Kite dah nak start aktif blog balik nih.

Kite plan nak buat maintenance blog dulu.
Kasi chantek-chantek sikit blog ni.
Baru laaa ada semangat nak berblog.
Tak giteww, kaaaannnn

Okay lah korang..
See you soon

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Smart Make Up Tricks On How To Apply Foundation

Hi girls!

Today let's talk about make-up. Wuhoo~ it has been a while

Honestly, make-up can't turn back time, but it can enhance natural beauty at any age. All you need to do is update the textures and colours of the make-up you use and how you apply it to make the best of your features and disguise signs of aging.

So here's are some of the smart make-up tricks that would help you with your daily make up routine:


First of all,  colour-match your foundation carefully and be sure that it matches your neck. Tapi yang pakai tudung macam I tu, senang sikit la. Ngeh~ Make sure your foundation contains with at least SPF 15, or preferably higher. Kalau tak, kulit you memang cepat rosak & cepat naik jeragat.  

Oh.. TIDAK!! 

So, the right way to apply your foundation is to hold the very end of the brush. With this technique, you might have slightly less control but you will get a much softer touch that will eventually give you a more natural finish. Oh, don't forget... ALWAYS choose a good quality brush

Secondly, you must have a plan on how to start powdering and how to finish it. Loose powder can help to minimize shine and blur imperfections but you cannot just simply apply it everywhere you like! 

Please use a large-size brush to powder the T-zone and for under the eyes you can use an eye contour brush which will look smoother. If you have fair skin, dark under eye circles are often evident and you may also be prone to redness around the nose and mouth. The best way is to choose a flesh-toned concealer with a creamy formula to neutralize these problem areas.

However, you must not apply too much concealer, Just use your finger in a tapping motion to get thin layers of concealer under the eyes close to your nose (Remember: before you apply make-up with your fingers, don't forget to wash your hands first). Then, you can use a concealer brush to buff out the edges. With this technique, you will get the most coverage with the least amount of product. Well, it saves your make up, girls!

My other tips to look and stay young:
  1. 90 percent of the aging process can be traced back to sun exposure. So as I said earlier, always wear a minimum of SPF 15
  2. Mature skin dehydrates easily, making lines more prominent. Use a gentle cleanser, rich moisturizer, and a hydrating serum. This is really, really important, girls.
  3. Drink plenty of water (at least 2liter. Kalau larat, 3liter lagi bagus. Seriously!!) and don't forget to refresh your skin with a mineral spray (especially to those who are working in the office)
  4. Fish oils, fruits, and vegetables keep the skin looking youthful. So keep on eating healthy food!
  5. As you age, reap the benefits of 'smart' make-up, which is full of active anti aging ingredients.
My secret:
Always apply make-up in as much natural light
as possible

Well, that's it! I hope these great makeup techniques will be useful to all of you as they have been works for me. If you want to know more make up tricks, just simply click right HERE

Thanks for dropping by. I'll see you soon with more interesting post!