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RRjunior (I)'s Favourite TV Shows

Allowing your kids to watch a TV isn't a parenting crime, as long as you know how to make sure the limited quantity of TV is maximum quality. The experts agree that kids should watch not more than two hours of TV a day. Here, then are RRjunior (I) 's top 10 favourite TV shows:

10) Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood
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This show is simply super cute and focuses on the social emotional skills such as how to use appropriate word as well as how to develop a positive sense of self. With the help of Daniel and his friends, the kids can learn practical skills for growing, developing and coping with daily problems; such as how to get dressed, how to tie shoe, how to take turns, manage feelings, treat each other with kindness and respect.

*** Daniel Tiger's neighbourhood used to be RRjunior (I)'s favourite show when he was 2.5 years old. My favourite episode was Stop and Go Potty. "When you have to go potty, stop and go right away. Flush and wash and be on your way". It teaches kids to stop playing when they need to go to the toilet. In fact, most of the kids love tiger, isn't it?

9) Doc Mcstuffins
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Being a doctor involves a lot of problem solving, logic, and reasoning. This show is about a little girl who is inspired by her doctor mother to open up playhouse clinic for her stuffed animals and toys. That gives the show a chance to teach kids about health and hygiene topics, and addresses their fear of the doctor by explaining with the check up process and tools.

*** This show was also one of RRjunior (I)'s favourite when he was 2 years old. Yes! It's kind of a girl show but the main character sends good messages to the kids about being healthy and also not to feel afraid when we seek a Doctor. Plus, this show encourage kids to help each other whenever they can

8) Charlie and Lola
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The stories in this show are simple and sweet. Just a five year-old girl and her nine year-old brother, using their imaginations to enjoy themselves.

Lola can't check out the library book she loves and Charlie helps her choose another one.
Lola wants to be the bigger one so she can go on the big kid amusement park ride and Charlie pretends to be the little brother so she can see how it feels.
Lola wants it to snow every day and Charlie takes her on an imaginary trip to the North and South Poles.
Lola and her friend Lotta want to play pretend and Lola has forgotten her suitcase of props. They search the house for other things to pretend with.

Lola always finds the positive way to her situations and Charlie is always to guide her. It shows that Charlie and Lola as Role models for healthy sibling relationships and young friendship.

*** It's kind of similar concept with Max and Ruby. I still remember this show when I used to babysit my nephew and niece in Edinburgh back in 2009. It was a must watch TV show after school time. You can try to watch or download from You Tube. Suitable for kids 3 years and above.

 7) Dora The Explorer

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Dora is a main character who also introduces Spanish words, kids are asked to repeat with them/ sing along with songs incorporating the words. This show teaches kids about numbers, directions, colours, and shapes as they help Dora solve riddles and puzzles along her way. Plus, one of the key aspects of Dora's character is her empathy; she cares, shares, and helps others even Swiper the fox who is constantly stealing other characters' stuff

*** Even though this show is more likely for girls, I love the fact that this show is actually improved the vocabulary of RRjunior (I). Besides, RRjunior (I) is finally can determine left and right.

 6) Paw Patrol

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Paw Patrol is a show with puppies; fire trucks, construction equipment, helicopters, police cars which introducing the kids to Rescue Team (police, firemen) who team up to help community in trouble. This show teaches them how to solve problems, the power of teamwork and respect to people of different background.

***  Even though this show is not educational, the main character; Ryder and his pups are good role models and gives positive messages about bravery, teamwork and community roles. Besides, it's a same cartoon concept such as Tayo, Robocar, and Superwings.

5) Bubble Guppies

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This show features a group of six fish-tailed preschoolers who attend a school and taught by their classroom teacher, Mr. Grouper. In each episode, the Bubble Guppies learn something new about their underwater world that easily relates to real challenges and concerns that the kids fact in real life. 

By watching this show, the kids learn through music about topics such as science, math, literacy, treatment doctors, the solar system, recycling, colors, music instrument, and so much more. Besides, it also has positive social messages about friendship, responsibility, and solving problems.

*** I actually sit and watch together with RRjunior (I) as the song is catchy and the lessons are practical. It's definitely fun to watch.

4) The Day Henry Met...? 

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The Day Henry Met is  the story of 4 year old Henry who meets something new everyday. Such as; fire engine, whale, moon, broccoli or a car. This show is a playful way of encouraging the kids to explore about the weird and wonderful things on planet earth; it can inspire kids' own interest in making discoveries.

*** It's current favourite show RRjunior. He enjoys it a lot!

3) Team Umizoomi
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This show features mini characters; Milli, Geo, and their friend, Bot using their mighty math powers to help children solve problems. It reinforces numeracy skills like counting, measuring and spatial relations. Besides, they will develop other key skills such as shape recognition and color/ pattern identification along the way.

*** My son is crazy about this show as he loves shapes and counting.

2) Blaze and The Monster Machine

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This show teaches kids about science, technology, engineering and math concepts through the adventures of monster truck and human characters. Blaze is a red monster truck who races around Axle city with his best friend and driver, AJ. Each episode is jam-packed with racing adventures featuring other monster trucks, all with distinct personalities. There's a cheating monster truck causes lots of trouble for his friends which sending a positive message to kids about fair play.

Along with offering important teamwork and friendship lessons, kids will learn basic science and math concepts like combustion, measurement, motion, friction and simple machines. Besides, kids are encouraged to "help" characters solve problems through number sense and color recognition as well, enhancing pre-reading skills vital to pre-schoolers

*** RRjunior (I)'s favourite show! I'm sure all the boys will love this show too.

1) Rusty Rivets

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Rusty Rivets featuring a 10 year old Rusty and his best friend Ruby as young inventors. This show is not only teaches kids about Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math concepts, but it inspired by growing DIY maker culture, using imagination and creativity to solve problems.

Each episode presents Rusty, Ruby and their team of robots are inventing and building a robot to solve a problem. They gather ideas, suggest and analyze the solution to get the job done. This show presents the basic workings of engineering process without getting too technical for young kids.

*** My son loves this show so much! He may start thinking more critically about how machines work and what kinds of inventions are needed

So what show do your kids like? If you're looking for a fun way to support a specific area of learning for your child, check out this list

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